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~~~ Get involved ~~~

Posted 17/5/2014

~~~ Get involved ~~~                    September 2013

 Greetings to family and friends with an update for those who are following our site.

 This is the 6 month mark past my mastectomy. I will be undergoing a series of tests that are usually done at the year mark but after my doctor and I discussed the nature of my case and past treatments we agreed it a good safety precaution to do it now. This will include heart, lungs, kidney and liver and an MRI of my breast.


I am healing without any serious complications, some fatigue and weight gain and have fought the depression fiercely! I am not saying I have won every battle but I am getting past a lot! Philip is living in Munich during the week and gallantly returning to us on the weekends. This summer we stayed close to home due to the timing of my three week medical rehabilitation.


I would like to send my apologies to all who have tried to communicate with me and haven’t received much correspondence. As I mentioned, I have battled the demons along the way and have not been good about keeping up with everyone. Therefore, I want to thank you all for not giving up on me!


As for the fundraiser that Philip set up, you can see below the total amount that was raised in the German account –€1,725– a good portion of the total goal! Thanks again to those who so generously added to it. However we are still reaching for our goal of $5,000 (about€3,850) and the American account hasn’t been touched since my sister Kim generously opened it with $300.


I was able to send Jessy some money to help compensate for some of her travel costs but as originally mentioned, the main goal of the fundraiser was toward the reconstruction of my breast. This will be the next phase. I will start soon after the aforementioned examinations to make a plan with the plastic surgeon.  


The American account number is shown below and can be easily accessed for deposits or transfers for those of you who were originally interested.

Kind Regards



June 2013


It is now June and those of you kind enough to view this website have waited for an update. This website was set up by my partner Philip whom all of you from Germany know, and some of you in America know. His intention was to generate funds that would help me through this very difficult time in my life fighting breast cancer and all of the treatments I must undergo, as I have been out of employment since having my youngest daughter in 2011. Plus, as you have read, to help with the cost of the flight for my friend Jessy to be here with me after my mastectomy since Philip is living in Munich during the week and only able to be home on the weekends.


My surgery, mastectomy, was successful as we posted on facebook for our friends and loved ones to know.  The pathology report came back clear. My option for reconstructive surgery for a new breast will be scheduled at another time.  For right now I am healing and looking forward to my first check up in June. At this point I will feel better about making a plan with a plastic surgeon.


Jessy was able to come for two weeks out of her busy schedule between two jobs and help us out.  I am so very thankful for having her here as it represented family and friends from ‘home’, giving my soul a boost when I really needed it.


I want to thank everyone that contributed to the fundraiser. For those who had intentions to contribute but haven’t had the chance, there is now an American account. (Please read below for the info.)


Again, we will do our best to inform everyone of the contribution level and let you know what is going on with my future visits and surgery plans.






March 2013

 ~~~ You too can get involved ~~~


We are the Hoffman/Pressler family. My name is Gayle and I am currently living in Germany with my daughter Ella - 7 years old, my partner Philip and our daughter Vivien Rose - 17 months old.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer August 17, 2012 and am going through complex cancer therapies at the moment which have included Chemotherapy and will possibly be Radiation as well.  I will need to undergo several surgeries. The next step of the cancer therapy is a mastectomy scheduled on March 20, 2013.


A very good friend has made the decision to dedicate her time and come from the states to help out with the baby and household during the two weeks healing process after the mastectomy. Since I have had limited contact with my loved ones in America, this means a tremendous amount to me. We want to raise a fund for the travel expenses (round trip flight is $1,200) and to compensate for her lack of income during the two weeks time she will stay in Germany.


The second fund is for covering the extra expenses of a breast reconstruction. A small part is covered by my health insurance, however the major part (starting from €3,000) has to be paid out of pocket.  I have been unemployed since my pregnancy and this has become a financial strain due to the illness.


We are reaching out to you and asking to please help us raise the money. Our goal is to raise the total of $5,000. Any contribution is welcome and can be donated to the same account. The fund starts now and payments can be made at any time.


Please check for account details below or in the 'Contact Me'. We will keep you up to date with the progress every Friday. You can follow our progress to the 5000-Dollar-goal by watching the line graph below. You are invited to share the website with anyone who wants to make any contribution.


Thank you all in advance for your support in reaching our goal!


Kind regards



American bank account

Bank name: Chase

Account number: 2953728106 

Americans in US should use the US Account to avoid banking fees!

You can make from your American bank a transaction to this account no. 2953728106. The bank is Chase.

For any questions, please come back to us.


~ ~ ~ Du kannst mitmachen ~ ~ ~


Wir sind die Hoffman / Pressler Familie. Mein Name ist Gayle und ich lebe zurzeit in Deutschland mit meiner Tochter Ella - 7 Jahre alt, mein Partner Philip und unsere Tochter Vivien Rose - 17 Monate alt. Ich bin am 17. August 2012 mit Brustkrebs diagnostiziert worden und durchlaufe gerade eine komplexe Krebstherapie, welche unter anderem eine Chemotherapie und möglicherweise Bestrahlung beinhaltet. Ich brauche zur Genesung mehrere Operationen. Der nächste Schritt in der Krebstherapie ist eine Mastektomie (Brustamputation), welche für den 20. März 2013 geplant ist.


Eine sehr gute Freundin hat sich entschieden, ihre Zeit zu opfern und kommt extra aus den Staaten, um uns zu helfen. Sie hilft uns sowohl mit der Betreuung des Babys als auch im Haushalt während der zwei Wochen des Heilungsprozess' nach der Mastektomie. Da ich wenig Kontakt mit meinen Lieben in Amerika in den letzten Monaten hatte, hat dies eine enorme Bedeutung für mich.


Wir wollen einen Fonds für die Reisekosten (Hin- und Rückflug kosten $ 1200) einrichten, der u.a. den Ausfall ihres Einkommens während des zweiwöchigen Aufenthalts in Deutschland kompensiert.


Der zweite Fonds ist zur Deckung der zusätzlichen Kosten einer Brustrekonstruktion vorgesehen. Ein kleiner Teil wird von meiner Krankenkasse abgedeckt, aber der größte Teil (ab € 3000) muss aus eigener Tasche bezahlt werden. Ich bin seit meiner Schwangerschaft arbeitslos und dies hat zu einer finanziellen Belastung durch die Krankheit geführt. Wir rufen euch auf und bitten euch, die Summe zu sammeln. Unser Ziel ist es, insgesamt $ 5000 (~ € 3850) zu sammeln. Jeder Beitrag ist willkommen und kann auf dasselbe Konto gespendet werden.


Der Fonds startet sofort und die Zahlungen können jederzeit vorgenommen werden. Wir halten euch über den Fortschritt der Aktion an jedem Freitag auf dem Laufenden. Ob das 5000-Dollar-Ziel bereits erreicht wurde, das seht ihr anhand der Grafik. Bitte entnehmt die Kontodaten dem Abschnitt unten oder auf der Seite "Kontakt".


Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen, diese Webseite zu verbreiten und jedem zugänglich zu machen, der einen ernsthaften Beitrag leisten will. Ich danke euch allen im Voraus für eure Untertützung bei der Erreichung unseres Ziels!


Viele Grüße,